Saturday, February 26, 2011

I haven't got a clue what I'm doing

Baby it's cold outside

I'm ready for the snow

Clue.. Can I go and play now
you're holding my face so I can't eat the cheese!

Twister boy
I'm cool.....Yahtzee

Is that cheese you have there! Mmmmmm

Yahtzee what a thinker
A full front photo is my best picture ... Risk

I can hit any pose you want

This is my best side
I'll just sit thank you very much
Posing isn't my thing .....Troublesome girl

Trouble just likes to hang on people for her photos

Not the best pose but a good try

Scrabble trying to show pose

Erin with Clue

Suzie with an armful of gold

Can you come out to play we won't bite too hard

Mommy we can't nurse if you are behind the door
Mommy come back!

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